Is It Possible To Go Through Polytechnic Without Improving Your Vocabulary?

Quite bizarre as it may sound, while in class, (Laspotech HND 1) receiving lectures on English language were accused this morning by a lecturer, that many of them would to go through the walls of Laspotech without ” adding a word” to their repertoire. Yeah, we did laugh like children. Seriously? Lol. But wait… like seriously?!

Gaining admission into Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics is a task of herculean proportions, or at least can be. Except in cases of politically engineered admissions, students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria are expected to have at least a good grasp of the English language, as JAMB and all institutions demand (or most institutions).

But is it true that once many students are admitted they shut their ears off to the English language and won’t learn a word more? I mean throughout their time in the University/Polytechnic/College? Won’t these students learn or say a new word? Won’t lecturers deliver lectures in English and then grab one or two words? I mean is that even possible? How much more students of English? How much more students offering English in Higher institutions?!

I think it’s just an exaggerated joke taken too far from the lecturer, what do you think?

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