Student Union Excos of Federal Polytechnic Ilaro and Mapoly meets with Chief Olusegun Obansajo, “Nigerian’s needs a capable leader” he clamoured at Oopl. ||Read


PolyGist: OBJ is here with us today, ex-president of Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is also one of the fathers of Africa. He started the chat in no time.We are currently at Olusegun Obansajo presidential library. (OOPL)



OBJ: Comparing my age with everyone here, am old enough to father everyone here. It is not what you’ve been told about me but it about how prepared your generation is towards making Nigeria better. It is very normal to critise and condemn Nigerian’s leader after his/her finished tenure because no leader is perfect but can only be closer. Your generation will bear the responsibility of Nigeria in few more years. You must fight for Nigeria in all ways, we laid the foundation of democracy, we brought in Mobil phones etc. The world is changing, you see this mobile am holding, the only fuction I know about it is sending text, making and receiving calls but I was told it so powerful and can source for any information. I don’t know to do all of those but you can. Don’t let the mistakes of previous generations more important than the development of the Country.

Fpi obj

PolyGist: OBJ stopped and told each representative to ask their questions.


FPI SU President: Daddy,we thank you so much for this memorable opportunity. My question is how can we student/youth be engaged?



OBJ: well, most of you are not too young to run but too young to rule because you have no leadership experience and qualities. Artisan sometimes can be far better than literate with different honours when it comes to leadership. The important part of youth engagement in development is voting in the right person, someone that can listen to your plans, someone that is transparent, Someone that can sit with youth or students bodies on a round table and tell the this is the budget for education, this is the budget for means of employment etc. What are the strategy to use towards achieving our aims? Leadership really matters in Nigeria. Whenever you raise an alarm, make sure you don’t stop until your aim is been achieved. Whenever I observe any problem, I will raise the alarm. Don’t dwell in what went wrong, focus on what to do next.

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PolyGist: Mapoly REP was also given the opportunity to ask few questions

Mapoly SUG VP: Daddy,the stage at which education is in Nigeria is discouraging and alarming. Different challenges of inadequate learning facilities, Strike, continual increase in tuition fee etc. How can we put an end to all this sir? How do we go about Not too young to run


OBJ: Current state of Education will surely improve by God’s grace, Buhari has tried his best. So far, Education has not been given proper care and attention. We have alot of resources that can be put into places to level up education with other developed countries, at least 50%. Different section of the development must start from the grassroot. For example: here, our secondary schools has not been equipped, buiildings are getting worst, teachers are getting retired instead of looking for a way to solve all this in all the school, you went ahead to build model school which in no way helped. You see development in any country can’t just be easy if there is no means of employment. We need private sector to come in, Nigeria is growing bigger. I heard Nigerians travelling to Ghana, Cotonu and neighboring countries to study.. Once again we need someone who is ready to fight, am not saying anyone is the Messiah for economic development but we all know I want the best for this country. If at my age am still walking to make sure Nigeria better then yours generation should be running. To achieve your aims you must not let them feel comfortable as they are also making you feel pain. About not too young run will actually work for real if resources are been provided for them. Your generation have to be committed to make sure they didn’t replace their Current post with children because the next generation is also at stake. Yes, the youths must be given the space but the youth must also consult the elders. Leadership is also about passed experiences which can be used as a guide directly or indirectly.
I would rather say you’re not too young to run if you can think.

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PolyGist: Everyone clapped for Daddy and also stood up to appreciate him by singing a song for him in which he dance.We also appreciate him for turning Nigerian around, he is the reason why you are able to read this. He is a father

by PolyGist Media.

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